Friday, August 05, 2022

Libraries and Literacies in the Metaverse #WLIC2022

At WLIC 2022 last week in Dublin I presented a poster co-authored with Dr Valerie Hill (USA) and Rossanna Barrios-Llorens (Puerto Rico) entitled Libraries and Literacies in the Metaverse. It is embedded below and there are references and links here. On the right you see Dr Joe Sanchez in front of the poster. Our abstract was
"In uncertain times, virtual libraries connect patrons to vital information that they may not be able to access in the physical world. They can also be sanctuaries from pandemic and war. Librarians (including the co-authors) have worked in virtual worlds for 15 years (e.g. Webber & Nahl, 2011) and the Community Virtual Library in the 3D virtual world Second Life exemplifies global connectivity, with volunteers collaborating internationally to enact diversity for information access. A current exhibit, "Social Determinants for Access to Information: Virtual World Library Exhibition" includes 3D rooms filled with resources on racial diversity, gender diversity, issues of changing literacies, digital legacy, confirmation bias, digital citizenship, and the digital divide. Visitors interact with content and share a sense of place and presence through embodiment in the metaverse, providing advantages beyond web platforms such as Zoom. Our poster shares examples of using 3D virtual worlds for librarianship through international collaboration across learning communities. The 3D virtual library is a real space where librarians can offer services such as reference work, exhibits, workshops, conferences and discussions, and embed themselves into virtual spaces without the boundaries of physical space (e.g. Hill, 2016; Hill, 2021)." 

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