Sunday, August 07, 2022

New articles: Critical media literacy; Digital games; Media literacy

There is a new issue of the open access journal comunicar (No. 73, October 2022) which has the theme Future Education: Prospective for sustainability and social justice. As usual articles are in Spanish and English. Articles include:
- The COVID-19 infodemic among young people and adults: The support of critical media literacy by J.-Roberto Sánchez-Reina, Barcelona (Spain) & Ericka-Fernanda González-Lara, Puebla (Mexico).
- Learning strategies through digital games in a university context by Fernando-Silvio Cavalcante-Pimentel, Alagoas (Brazil), Margarida Morais-Marques, Aveiro (Portugal) & Valdick Barbosa-de-Sales-Junior, Alagoas (Brazil).
- Secondary education students and media literacy in the age of disinformation by Eva Herrero-Curiel, Madrid (Spain) & Leonardo La-Rosa, Madrid (Spain).
- Emoticons in student-professor email communication by Alenka Baggia, Maribor (Slovenia), Anja Žnidaršič, Maribor (Slovenia) & Alenka Tratnik, Maribor (Slovenia).
Photo by Sheila Webber: Docklands near convention centre, Dublin, July 2022

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