Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Recent articles: Librarians and IL education; schools and literacy policies; COVID19 information; Information behaviour; Teachers' self-efficacy

The latest published issue of Journal of Librarianship and Information Science (vol. 54, issue 3) includes the following (priced unless marked as open access)
- The expanding circles of information behavior and human–computer interaction by Tim Gorichanaz, Sukrit Venkatagiri
- Relegating expertise: The outward and inward positioning of librarians in information literacy education by Alison Hicks, Annemaree Lloyd (open access)
- Information and information resources in COVID-19: Awareness, control, and prevention by Mohammadhiwa Abdekhoda, Fatemeh Ranjbaran, Asghar Sattari (open access)
- Information seeking behaviors of environmental journalists by Stacy Gilbert, Philip B. White, Kathryn Tallman
- The role of the library within school-level literacy policies and plans in Australia and the United Kingdom by Margaret K. Merga
- Teachers’ perceived information literacy self-efficacy by Miri Shonfeld, Noa Aharony, Noa Nadel-Kritz
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