Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Online: Identifying online scams, phishing, fraudulent websites and messages workshop

There is a free online workshop on 29 November at 15.45 UK time (GMT) on Identifying online scams, phishing, fraudulent websites and messages. This is related to the Maddie is Online series developed by Dr Konstantina Martzoukou at Robert Gordon University, Scotland.
"As part of this free online session, Maria Bell from Mesomorphic will offer an overview of the 4th theme of our new series of Maddie is Online: ethics of online safety and security" They will be reviewing the toolkit they have developed, which can be found here: https://online.visual-paradigm.com/community/bookshelf/default-1444l1ntn9
They'll explore the concepts: "How to recognise messages, websites or e-mails where the sender/owner appears to be different from who they are; Understand why it is important to know how to recover a device or account if it gets compromised / hacked; To create awareness of whom to contact if you find that your account has been hacked, if embarrassing images of you are being shared, or if you experience something else that is really unpleasant."
"We have created an imaginative story ('To donate or not to donate?'). Maddie, the central character of our series, receives an email from her school, reminding her class that it is the last day for donating money to the school nominated charity, ‘Strong Family Corners’, before it gets collected and sent to the charity. In the email, there is a bank account to make the payment with the logo of the charity and the email has been sent by a teacher. Maddie decides to donate to the charity. However, the next day, when she goes to school, she realises that the charity name is not the same and that the email of the teacher was hacked. Someone had used his email details to send this message to all the school and several children had followed the link to make the payment, exactly like Maddie. How could Maddie have protected herself? Should she avoid giving to any charities once and for all?"
Register at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/identifying-online-scams-phishing-fraudulent-websites-and-messages-tickets-470954125467

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