Friday, September 15, 2023

Making your research stand out from the crowd

A half day course (10.00-13.00 UK time) on 16 November 2023 is Making your research stand out from the crowd using video, animation, infographics and podcasts. It's organised by the UKeiG and the cost is UKeiG/CILIP members £50 + VAT; Non-members £80 + VAT. Workshop leader is Andy Tattersall.
"This workshop will explore the benefits of video, animation, infographics and podcasts as a complement to short and long form communication techniques like Twitter and blogging. Video, animation, infographics and podcasts can broadcast your research and professional activities to a diverse international audience, showcasing and engaging in ways that traditional forms of scholarly communication cannot."
More details and booking at
Image created by Sheila Webber using Midjourney AI using the workshop title as a prompt

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