Monday, September 18, 2023

New articles: infolit in music education; media literacy in the curriculum

Photo by Sheila Webber Willow tree memorial Sheffield, September 2023

Firstly, an article about information literacy education for music students.
Pratesi, A. & Yang, Z.(2023). User education. Notes, 80(1),73-81. or open access at

Secondly, a frustrating article which claims to be a systematic review on the incorporation of "Media and Information Literacy" into the curriculum. However, there is a flaw in their search strategy, since whilst they searched for "Media Literacy" and "Media and Information Literacy" they did not search for "information literacy" meaning that they have missed out on a swathe of articles, and as a consequence do not include librarians as a specific stakeholder group engaged in MIL work (in fact it doesn't mention them once). Sigh.
On the up side, this article is open access and does provide international insight
Rojas-Estrada, EG., Aguaded, I. & GarcĂ­a-Ruiz, R. (2023). Media and Information Literacy in the Prescribed Curriculum: A Systematic Review on its Integration. Education and Information Technologies.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Willow tree memorial, Sheffield, September 2023

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