Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Call for papers: Fact-Checkers Around the World

Photo by Sheila Webber Krakow October 2023
The journal Media and Communication seeks papers for its special issue Fact-Checkers Around the World: Regional, Comparative, and Institutional Perspectives (editors Regina Cazzamatta, Lucas Graves, and Laurens Lauer). Deadline for abstracts is 15-30 January 2024.
"This thematic issue brings together scholars who study fact-checking organizations, practices, and institutions around the world. Fact-checkers work in a wide variety of media and political systems. Even where practices converge, they understand their own mission—and the wider problem of misinformation—in very different ways. These vital differences remain underexplored and can offer a revealing lens for journalism studies and political communication researchers to investigate changing media systems around the world.
"To address this gap, this thematic issue highlights research with a regional or comparative focus, as well as studies of the wider global movement. We invite work across methods and theoretical traditions, from ethnographic case studies to large-scale content analysis, with a particular focus on studies that help to deepen our understanding of the specificities or differences in this work in particular kinds of organizations and specific media and political environments."
Full info at https://www.cogitatiopress.com/mediaandcommunication/pages/view/nextissues#FactCheckers
Photo by Sheila Webber: Krakow, October 2023

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