Friday, November 10, 2023

Webinar: AI Tools for information professionals

There is a Power Hour with Phil Bradley at 12noon-13.00 (UK time) 1 December 2023 (cost £35) on AI Tools for information professionals. "See AI in action and learn how you can use it to develop, change and improve your daily work, and indeed your own career"

On 17 November 2023 (12.00-13.00) (cost £35) there is a Power Hour with Ned Potter on An introduction to using UX in libraries  "User Experience (UX) in this context is used as an umbrella term to cover various ethnographic and design techniques, designed to help us truly understand our users."

Image by Sheila Webber using Midjourney AI (promt was power hour with Phil Bradley, cheerful colours, splash page, --ar 16:9) Midjourney thinks Phil's power hours are a psychadelic experience!

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