Saturday, February 03, 2024

Making Sense of Media Bulletin: January 2024; Everyday misinformation

Ofcom (the United Kingdom's communication watchdog, with a remit for media literacy) has issued its latest bulletin on nedia literacy at
I will pick up on a couple of the links in further posts, but I'll start with the Everyday Misinformation Project The Bulletin specifically links to a new publication
- Hall, N.-A., Chadwick, A., & Vaccari, C. (2023). Online misinformation and everyday ontological narratives of social distinction. Media, Culture & Society [early online publication]. "We show how people engage in everyday ontological narratives of social distinction. These involve making a variety of discursive moves to position one’s “taste” in information consumption as superior to others constructed as lower in a social hierarchy. This serves to enhance social status by separating oneself from misinformation, which is presented as “other people’s problem.”"
Photo by Sheila Webber: dawn at the tram stop, January 2024

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