Thursday, February 01, 2024

Power hours: AI tools; AI prompts; AI search engines; Using Canva

The next Power hours run by Phil Bradley and his team are:

- AI Tools for information professionals 2 February 2024 12:00-13:00 GMT (UK time) "See AI in action and learn how you can use it to develop, change and improve your daily work, and indeed your own career." Register at 

- AI Prompt engineering and plug-ins 16 February 2024 12:00-13:00 GMT (UK time) "Learn more about Chatbots, what they can do, what they can’t do (and why!) and how to write good prompts to get the best out of them." Register at 

- AI Search engines  1 March 2024 12:00-13:00 GMT (UK time) "How are the latest developments in AI being used with search engines to improve the accuracy and relevance of search results?" Register at

- Creating video content with Canva – a Librarian’s Power Hour led by Bev Humphrey on 12 April 2024 12:00-13:00 GMT (UK time) "Canva offers many video creation tools which include scores of templates and copyright free music, thus enabling you to create videos suitable for a range of platforms and purposes e.g. for posting on TikTok, Instagram or other social media sites." Register at
Photo by Sheila Webber: winter branches, Botanic gardens, January 2024

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