Monday, February 05, 2024

Media Literacy and Media Education Research Methods

A new book is:
Fastrez, P. & Landry, N. (Eds.) (2023). Media Literacy and Media Education Research Methods: A Handbook. Routledge. eBook ISBN 9781003045366

Chapters include (this is most of them): Documenting media practices to define media literacy competence A qualitative approach; Participatory action research and media literacy Toward engaged, accountable, and collaborative knowledge production with marginalized communities;  Studying the Media Education Practices of Young Children at Home (this chapter is open access from the link above); Observing literacy practices in the “Third Space” Research methods; Researching Media Literacy Practices Using Both Critical and Posthuman Inquiry; Methodological considerations in researching teachers' views and practices of media literacy; A research methodology aimed at analyzing teaching practices in relation to the development of digital skills in a university setting; Design-based research into the co-creation of teaching activities for the theoretical refinement of a multimodal media literacy competency model; Quantitative Methods for Assessing Media Literacy in Evaluations of Health Promotion Intervention Programs Using Media Literacy Education;  Issues of Pedagogy, Alignment, and Context in Assessing Measures of Media Literacy; Proposed methodologies for a socio-anthropological approach to the analysis of institutional discourses in international comparison; Analyzing school curricula, training programs, and learning material A method in media education; Quick-Scan Analysis as a Method to Analyze and Compare Media Literacy Frameworks; Critical discourse studies for research on media and information literacy projects An illustrated discussion of seven methodological considerations; Rethinking media education policy research and advocacy A deliberative approach.
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