Thursday, June 13, 2024

Based in the EU? Interested in disinformation? Want to visit Italy?

Image is Midjourney AI's idea of Perugia with red tiled rooves twisty streets and birds in the sky

An opportunity only for people in countries in the European Union!
"A civic hackathon is organized in Italy [Perugia] from September 25 to 27, 2024 as part of the European project Gender-ED Coalition. The project focuses on educating the general public on the issues of gender education in the context of disinformation. It focuses on media and information literacy and gender equality, with the aim of highlighting the phenomenon of sexist disinformation and violence in social media.
"The hackathon is aimed at MIL [media and information literacy] stakeholders, artists, activists, designers, content creators, teachers, sensitive to gender and disinformation issues. Those selected must come from a European country [the application form stipulates EU] and be fluent in English."
The registration form is here and this is the project website
Image is Midjourney AI's idea of Perugia

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