Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Children's and young people's digital literacies in virtual online spaces

There is some material for those who missed the closing seminar in the Children's and young people's digital literacies in virtual online spaces series (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and organised by researchers at Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam University and Lancaster University). This closing event was held in Second Life (SL), the virtual world.
There is a log of the text chat from the event at (the presentations used voice, but there were transcribers text chatting key points for each speaker, and the text chat also reflects discussion).
A set of pictures of the event in Second Life on 19 June can be found here:
The speakers were as follows:
Peggy Sheehy/ (SL name: Maggie Marat) “I'm not good at Math but my avatar is” (her website is at
You can see Peggy Sheehy's slides on Slideshare.
Additionally, Knowclue Kidd produced two videos from Peggy Sheehy's presentation: on Body Image and on Exploring identity.

The second speaker was Rebecca Black (SL: Starseed Sodwind) “Early Childhood Literacy in Virtual Worlds.” Her website is at and the text which was transcribed in the event chatlog mostly uses a text that she provided.

The third speaker was Constance Steinkuehler (SL: Constance Carnot) "Virtual worlds at the nexus of a constellation of literacy practice." Her websites are and At the moment if you go to the conference venue (you need a SL avatar and the SL browser installed on your computer) at you can look through Constance Steinkuehler's presentation on the presentation board, and you can also pick up the conference pack (including a set of virtual clothes with the seminar logos).


Guy Merchant said...

Thanks for pulling all this together, Sheila. I really liked going through the Flickr pics.

Sheila Webber said...

Thanks - and apologies, I meant to link to your blog as well for your reflections on the seminar series