Thursday, June 10, 2010

Department creating their own "library"

Another snippet from the INFORUM conference: Antonie Doležalová, University of Economics, Prague - Faculty of Public Administration, Czech Republic talked about “A Little Bit Different Seminar: To Be His Own Librarian”. (Links to paper and presentation (in Czech) and English abstract at
This presentation was in Czech, and I listened to simultaneous translation, so this is only a short summary. This described a project where the Economics Department at the university put material online at with various kinds of material. They were digitising the material and also “cataloguing” it though I think the library intervened a little in terms of improving keywords etc. It seemed interesting in terms of an academic department and a library cooperating, with useful new material being added to the collection and using the subject expertise of the staff and students in the Department. Also it gave some opportunity (I think) for on-the-spot information literacy education, in terms of legal issues to do with publishing information, and issues of findability.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Transport, Prague, May 2010

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