Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Transitioning to college

Transitioning to College is a website aimed at helping students transition between secondary and tertiary education. "In the following modules, you will follow Jason and Emily through their first year of college as they are "mentored" by Brian. You'll hear some of their tips for success and learn about the differences between academic and school libraries." There are some short videos (e.g. "talking to databases", in which Brian helps Emily use key terms and Boolean). There are also pdfs and other resources with other tips and advice from "Emily" etc., and some suggestions for educators. It is a resource created in the USA and I am not sure that (e.g.) students in the UK would exactly "identify" with the characters, but the videos are well enough done that it is a bit like a teen soap that they might watch for amusement so they can feel cooler than Emily, Jason and Brian. Or perhaps I'm wrong ... might ask my first years to critique it in the Autumn! The site was "was developed at Kent State University with input from Ohio academic and high school librarians." http://www.transitioning2college.org/ There are also some abstracts of (US) articles about transitioning here
Photo by Sheila Webber: Chestnut blossom in the Valdstejnska zahrada, Prague, May 2010

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