Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Recent articles: Faculty librarian collaboration; political science students; IB of students with visual impairment

The latest issue (volume 42, no. 5) of The Journal of Academic Librarianship (priced publication) includes:
- Information Behaviour of Students Living With Visual Impairments in University Libraries: A Review of Related Literature (Pages 522-528) Stephen Mutula, Rebecca M. Majinge
- Characteristics of Articles Coauthored by Researchers and Practitioners in Library and Information Science Journals (Pages 535-541) Yu-Wei Chang
- Library Resources and Students' Learning Outcomes: Do All the Resources Have the Same Impact on Learning? (Pages 551-556) Maximiliano Montenegro, Paula Clasing, Nick Kelly, Carlos Gonzalez, Magdalena Jara, Rosa Alarcón, Augusto Sandoval, Elvira Saurina. (Pages 569-580) Bonnie L. Fong, Minglu Wang, Krista White, Roberta Tipton
- A Pragmatic and Flexible Approach to Information Literacy: Findings from a Three-Year Study of Faculty-Librarian Collaboration. (Pages 604-611) Barbara Junisbai, M. Sara Lowe, Natalie Tagge
- “I Have Ten Peer Reviewed Articles. Now What?” How Political Science Research Methods Textbooks Teach Students About Scholarly Context. (Pages 612-619) Erin Ackerman, Brian K. Arbour
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