Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Media literacy as food consumption

EAVI (the European Association for Viewers Interests) has created a site which revolves around the idea of media as food, and talks about the benefits of different "diets". For example Couch-potato balls "Low quality sponsored videos designed to keep you passive for hours."; Social media profit-eroles "This dessert tastes good, but while you are consuming it, your personal data is being collected and re-sold."; Media literacy salad "Honest and easy-to-digest news with a cream of contextual information. Fact-packed fries on the side, to be taken with a pinch of salt." In connecting "bad" information practices with "bad" food practices, there is the possibility of negative food/fat shaming, so this may not be the campaign for you, but it is done very professionally with good graphic design, so you may find it useful.

There is also a quiz to identify what diet you are on at the moment (though if you have had anything to do with information or media literacy you will quickly spot what the "correct" answers are!). You can request a package of the graphics if you want to use the campaign.

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