Friday, June 04, 2021

Serendipity, decolonisation, gender, policy and information literacy at #cais2021

On 7-10 June 2021 is the Canadian Association for Information Science/ l’Association canadienne des sciences de l’information (CAIS/ACSI) conference, which is completely free, open and online - no registration required. You can find the zoom link on the page that contains the programme. Note that times on the programme are in Mountain Daylight Time (which is, for example, 7 hours behind the UK, so 12 noon mountain time is 7pm in the UK).

The theme is Northern Relations: Connecting the Unexpected and Overlooked to Information Science, and it is hosted by the University of Alberta. I think there is a very interesting, varied, programme, and it includes a session devoted to information literacy, as well as information behaviour (featuring serendipity!), race, gender, information policy etc. Go to
The information literacy session (starting 1.30 Mountain Time on 10 June) has the following talks:
- Information literacy in Nova Scotia: Systematic mapping of high school learning outcomes; Cora-Lynn Munroe-Lynds
- Information literacy from high school to university: Report of the Ontario School Library Impact Project (OSLIP); Mary Cavanagh, Dianne Oberg, Heather Buchansky, Marc d’Avernas: Kate Johnson-McGregor, Sarah Roberts
- Instruction from the margins: Giving voice to community college librarians; Heidi Julien, Melissa Gross, Don Latham
- Educating and Empowering teen activists in public libraries: A case study of the impact of reading on young adult social justice actions; Jennifer McDevitt

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