Wednesday, June 09, 2021

New articles: Workplace information literacy; Using wikipedia; IL teaching & Web 2.0

The new issue of open access journal Journal of Information Literacy (vol. 15 No. 2, 2021) contains the following (plus book reviews) at

- Information literacy of Polish state administration officials in the context of the concept of "good governance" by Zbigniew Osiński.
- Workplace information literacy by Gunilla Widén, Farhan Ahmad, Shahrokh Nikou, Bruce Ryan, Peter Cruickshank. ("This paper brings forward three separate studies, conducted by the authors, highlighting different workplace contexts: small and medium enterprises; universities; and community councils.")
- Exploring effective information use in an insurance workplace by Charles Inskip, Sophia Donaldson.
- Knowing and doing by Ellen Nierenberg, Torstein Låg, Tove Irene Dahl ("3 quantitative measures were developed and tested with several samples of university students to assess knowledge and skills for core facets of IL. ... the tools indicated low to moderate correlations between what students know about IL, and what they actually do when evaluating and using sources in authentic, graded assignments.")
- Web 2.0 tools and information literacy instruction in UK university libraries by William Shire, Pam McKinney.
- Enhancing students’ professional information literacy by Angela Joy Feekery, Katherine Chisholm, Carla Jeffrey, Fiona Diesch (reports on development of an online module).
- Getting to work by Alexandra Hamlett ("The article highlights how collaboration between a librarian and an instructor of a career centered course influenced instructional design for IL instruction in their courses.")
- Using Wikipedia to teach scholarly peer review by Paul Anthony Thomas, Matthew F Jones, Spencer G Mattingly.
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