Monday, August 02, 2021

New articles: Data Literacy; the WHY method; IL of first gen students; Librarians as teachers

The latest issue of open-access College and Research Libraries (vol 82 no 5) at has the following articles:
- Making Sense of Student Source Selection: Using the WHY Method to Analyze Authority in Student Research Bibliographies by Frank Lambert, Mary Thill, James W. Rosenzweig (WHY= Who wrote each source, How it was edited, and whY it was published)
- Exploring Social Sciences Students’ Perceptions on Information Literacy and the Use of Mobile Technologies in Higher Education by Maria Pinto, Dora Sales, Rosaura Fernández-Pascual, David Caballero-Mariscal
- The Impact of Basic Data Literacy Skills on Work-Related Empowerment: The Alumni Perspective by Marek Deja, Aneta Januszko-Szakiel, Paloma Korycińska, Paulina Deja
- Assessing the Information Literacy Skills of First-Generation College Students by Sarah LeMire, Zhihong Xu, Douglas Hahn, Valerie Balester, Leroy G. Dorsey
- Open but Not for All: A Survey of Open Educational Resource Librarians on Accessibility by Teresa Auch Schultz, Elena Azadbakht
- Using Machine Learning to Predict Chat Difficulty by Jeremy Walker, Jason Coleman 

The previous issue vol 82 no. 4 included
- Epistemology of Teaching Librarians: Examining the Translation of Beliefs to Practice by Mary K. Oberlies, Maoria J. Kirker, Janna Mattson, Jason Byrd
- Preparing the Instructional Librarian: Representation of ACRL Roles and Strengths in MLS Course Descriptions by Sandra J. Valenti, Brady D. Lund
Photo by Sheila Webber: Hydrangea July 2021

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