Saturday, January 01, 2022

A happy new year - and celebrating connections @ischoolpam @valibrarian

I hope 2022 brings you health and joy, and lots of information literacy! At the start of the new year I want to celebrate some people I've worked with closely on information literacy in 2021.

- Firstly, Bill Johnston. Earlier in the year we co-presented a talk on Older People in the Post-Truth Era: Countering Ageism by Developing Age Friendly Media and Information Literate Cities (#AFMIL) for the ECIL 2021 conference, which is recorded here
His latest project is a book that was just published, All of Our Futures, on Scottish Policy for older people (including the importance of information iteracy in their lives). For some reason the page is inaccessible at the moment (I will do a proper blog post when it returns), but this is the blog post introducing it, from his co-author, Craig Dalzell of Common Weal.

- Secondly, my iSchool colleague, Dr Pamela McKinney. One of the external things we did together this year was a virtual workshop on Theory of Change to evaluate information literacy initiatives for the ECIL 2021 conference, and this is the introductory video at this link
One of Pam's recent publications is: Shire, W. & McKinney, P. (2021). Web 2.0 tools and information literacy instruction in UK university libraries. Journal of Information literacy, 15(2). (open access)

- Finally, in the 3D world, Second Life, I have worked with and presented with Dr Valerie Hill. At the AvaCon Open Simulator conference in December 2021 (this is a conference for educators in virtual worlds (VWs) Val and I presented (within a VW) on Digital Citizenship for Cyborgs and Avatars. This is the recording (our presentation starts at 2 hours 34 minutes) Also, this is a recent article by Val:
Hill, V., & Mackey, T. (2021). Embracing metaliteracy: Metamodern libraries and virtual learning communities. College & Research Libraries News, 82(5), 219.
Picture taken by me in the 3D virtual world, Second Life.

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