Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Nominations for the Information Literacy Award

There is a call for nominations for the Information Literacy Award 2022. The deadline for nominations (which can include self-nomination) is 14 February 2022 (17.00 GMT/UK time). This award "recognises an outstanding UK-based practitioner or researcher". It is sponsored by the CILIP Information Literacy Group and the Information School at the University of Sheffield (i.e. my Department!). "The award is open to all practitioners, researchers and academics working in the IL field within the United Kingdom. Nominations may be from any sector. We welcome nominations for individuals as well as for groups/teams. The winning individual or team will receive £500 for personal use and £500 for their nominated charity." You can submit a written application or a video. Nominations will be judged upon evidence of impact within the past 3 years only.
More information at https://www.lilacconference.com/awards/information-literacy-award

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