Wednesday, June 29, 2022

New articles: The disinformation society: The impact of fake news on the public sphere

The latest issue of open access journal Comunicar, (issue 72) has the theme: The disinformation society: The impact of fake news on the public sphere. It is available in English and Spanish (the link below to the whole issue is to the English version, but the individual links are mostly to the Spanish; click on the flags at the top to go to a different language)
- Creators and spectators facing online information disorder. Effects of digital content production on information skills by Gabriela Taddeo | Belinda de-Frutos-Torres | María-Cruz Alvarado
- Unraveling disinformation: Notions and discourses from the Spanish population by Lidia Valera-Ordaz | Marina Requena-i-Mora | Dafne Calvo | Guillermo López-García
- Russian disinformation in Eastern Europe. Vaccination media frames in by Andreea-Alina Mogoș | Teodora-Elena Grapă | Teodora-Felicia Șandru
- Rhetoric of parliamentary disinformation on Twitter by Eva Campos-Domínguez | Marc Esteve-Del-Valle | Cristina Renedo-Farpón
- Quality recognition as a prescriber against disinformation by Dolors Palau-Sampio | Adolfo Carratalá | Raquel Tarullo | Paz Crisóstomo
- The life of COVID-19 mask memes: A diachronic study of the pandemic memescape by Marta Dynel
- Virtual reality with distractors to overcome public speaking anxiety in university students by Emma Rodero | Olatz Larrea
- Political hate speech of the far right on Twitter in Latin America by Enrique Díez-Gutiérrez | María Verdeja | José Sarrión-Andaluz | Luis Buendía | Julián Macías-Tovar - Smartphones in Higher Education. A longitudinal qualitative study by Irina Salcines-Talledo | Natalia González-Fernández | Laura Díaz-Herrera | Manuel Area-Moreira
- Interdisciplinarity of scientific production on hate speech and social media: A bibliometric analysis by Antonia Ramírez-García | Antonio González-Molina | María-del-Pilar Gutiérrez-Arenas | Manuel Moyano-Pacheco
Photo by Sheila Webber: ferns, May 2022

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