Monday, June 20, 2022

New articles: Health information; Information literacy self-efficacy; Agricultural information; Managing personal records

There is a new issue of the open access journal Information Research (volume 27 issue 2). It includes
- Muhammad Asif Naveed. Information literacy self-efficacy of scientists working at the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
- Reijo Savolainen. What drives people to prefer health-related misinformation? The viewpoint of motivated reasoning
- Matt Balogh, William Billingsley, David Paul, and Mary Anne Kennan. Understanding the management of personal records at home: a virtual guided tour 
- Marco Capocasa, Paolo Anagnostou, and Giovanni Destro Bisol. A light in the dark: open access to medical literature and the COVID-19 pandemic
- Murat Konca, Şenol Demirci, Cuma Çakmak, and Özgür Uğurluoğlu. Exploring the socio-economic determinants of health information-seeking behaviour on the Internet in Turkey
- Tami Oliphant, Tanya Berry, and Colleen M. Norris. ‘In a perfect world doctors and the medical profession would accept people for who they are’: women’s heart health information practices
- Tumpe Ndimbwa, Kelefa Mwantimwa, and Faraja Ndumbaro. Smallholder farmers’ satisfaction with agricultural information accessed in rural Tanzania
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Ritz, 2022

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