Tuesday, September 25, 2007

IL in disciplines

I prepared some material for a discussion in Second Life about information literacy in different disciplines. It was mostly notes, but I added a few references and resources, including:

ACRL’s Information Literacy in the disciplines page. (This has pages for a number of disciplines, with links to any discipline-specific IL frameworks and a selection of discipline-specific articles. There are also links to “accrediting bodies” which are specific to the USA) http://www.ala.org/ala/acrlbucket/

INTUTE’s tutorial on information literacy in different subject areas: http://www.vts.intute.ac.uk/

Manuel, K. (2003) Selective Bibliography on Discipline-Based Information Literacy & Library Instruction. New Mexico State University Library. http://lib.nmsu.edu/instruction/disciplinaryIL.htm

Jones, C. et al (2004) Academic Use of Digital Resources: Disciplinary Differences and the Issue of Progression. (An example of a research article exploring disciplinary differences in use of e-resources) http://www.networkedlearningconference.org.uk/

I also cited our research e.g. Webber, S., Boon, S. and Johnston, B. (2005) A comparison of UK academics’ conceptions of information literacy in two disciplines: English and Marketing. _Library and information research_, 29 (93), 4-15. http://www.cilip.org.uk/specialinterestgroups/

Photo by Sheila Webber: Intro week is this week - today was talking to new students.

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