Sunday, September 09, 2007

Information Literacy: IFLA/ UNESCO

I was not able to attend the IFLA conference this year, but there were as usual interesting IL activities there. There is a report about a pre-conference workshop in:
Botswana daily news archive (2007) "Information literacy alleviates poverty." 16 August.

They also launched a competition for an international logo to symbolise information literacy globally (a challenge!)- for information go to the website at
I notice that the site has been redesigned for the better since I last visited, with links to the latest additions to the resource directory etc., key publications and translations highlighted and so forth.

I have also highlighted already the programme page for the 2007 IFLA conference which has full text of papers, sometimes in several languages, but I think there are some further papers added since I mentioned it a few months ago
Photo by Sheila Webber: Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, August 2007.

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