Thursday, September 20, 2007

Presentation on Californian IL

Yesterday I attended a presentation in Second Life (the virtual world) which was originally given at the LOEX conference. This was Esther Grassian & Marsha Schnirring on "Teaching in a TeaHouse". They were principally talking about a survey they had done of libraries in California, to find out what kinds of information literacy education were taking place.
They started by talking about LILI ( ) "an acronym for a group of librarians from various types of libraries, investigating information literacy definitions, standards and instruction in California" and in fact the LILI website has the results of the survey.
The audio and chat log from the session are already posted to the PowerPoint presentation is likely to be available on Slideshare. I couldn't find it just now - you might be interested in Esther Grassian's other presentations, though (e.g. “Why Use Anything But Google?” Information Literacy for Teachers/Faculty) just search http:/// for Grassian. However, I found what I think is the right presentation at

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