Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Social networking in teens

Thanks to Gerry McKiernan who once again has highlighted an interesting report. It's a study sponsored by Microsoft, News Corp (owners of MySpace) and Verizon. "A new study released today by the National School Boards Association and Grunwald Associates LLC exploring the online behaviors of U.S. teens and ‘tweens shows that 96 percent of students with online access use social networking technologies, such as chatting, text messaging, blogging, and visiting online communities such as Facebook, MySpace, and Webkinz. Further, students report that one of the most common topics of conversation on the social networking scene is education."
It's obviously more about educational opportunities and challenges, rather than information literacy, as well as only surveying in the USA. However, the issue of creating and sharing material appropriately (ethically, legally etc.) is prominent (where one would think IL education had a role). One finding is "Pay attention to the nonconformists. The survey findings identify this group of students as highly engaged and skilled at social networking and as an influential leadership cadre among their peers."
National School Boards Association. (2007) Creating snd connecting: Research and Guidelines on Online Social — and Educational — Networking. Alexandria: NSBA.

Photo by Sheila Webber: Lakeside, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2007.

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