Friday, July 11, 2008

Proceedings of KWIL conference

The full text proceedings of the Konstanz Workshop on Information Literacy are now available free for download in pdf format. I did some blog reports on this when I spoke at the event last year. The list of papers is below.
Kohl-Frey, O. and Schmid-Ruhe, B. (Eds.) (2008) Advanced Users: Information Literacy and Customized Services: Konstanz Workshop on Information Literacy. Konstanz: University of Konstanz. (Bibliothek Aktuell; Sonderheft 17)

Patricia Davitt Maughan: From Theory to Practice: Insights into Faculty Learning from the Mellon Library/Faculty Fellowship for Undergraduate Research
Susie Andretta: Everybody Can Be an ‘Advanced’ Learner with Information

Thomas Hapke: Between Dewey and Dewey – Information Literacy in Germany between a Librarians’ and a More Holistic View
Alexis Smith Macklin, F. Bartow Culp: Reaching Graduate Students: A Community of Practice for Teaching ICT Literacy
Lydia Bauer et al.: Collaborative Design of Ontologies: Theory, Opportunities and
Convenient Applications

Carol Leibiger, Will Schweinle: The South Dakota Information Literacy Exam: A Tool for Small and Medium-sized Universities to Document and Assess Information Literacy of Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Susanne Mühlbacher, Rainer Hammwöhner, Christian Wolff: Workplace Information Literacy in the Scientific Field – an Empirical Analysis Using the Semantic Differential Approach
Oliver Kohl-Frey: Information Literacy for Graduate and Postgraduate Students: Experiences from the University of Konstanz
Mary Harrison, Rosie Jones: Two Roads, a Single Destination: Supporting the Information Literacy Skills Needs of Advanced Users at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
Hannah Rempel: Information Literacy at the Point of Need – Literature Review Workshops
Debbi Boden: Gaining a PILOT’s Licence: Supporting Researchers at Imperial College London through the Postdoctoral Information Literacy Online Tutorial
Nicole Krüger: EconDesk – Getting the Content of Need at the Point of Need
Sheila Webber: Information Literacy Education for Masters Students: the Search/Teach Exercise

Photo by Sheila Webber: Great Keppel Island, Australia, June 2008

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