Monday, March 13, 2017

Online Roundtable Discussion: Outreach to International Students

The March 2017 Online Roundtable Discussions on Academic Outreach topics (organised by ULS Academic Outreach Committee) is on: Outreach to International Students and will take place on March 14, 15 and 16. "This month’s discussion will focus on how libraries approach outreach to international students. We will talk about reaching international students, customizing outreach based on the unique cultural and educational backgrounds of students, and how the library can help international students overcome challenges they face on campus. Come prepared to talk about what you’re doing, share ideas, successes, and lessons learned. Join us for a lively discussion and leave with great ideas to bring back to your library!"
Each discussion lasts 1 hour and be limited to 9 participants and 1 facilitator, hosted on Google Hangouts on Air/YouTube Live. The sessions will be recorded and posted to the ACRL ULS Academic Outreach Committee YouTube Channel.
You can sign up via ALA Connect
March 14 5pm UK time/ 10am US PST /12pm CST / 1pm EST
March 15 6pm/11am US PST /1pm CST / 2pm EST
March 16 7pm/ 12 noon US PST /2pm CST / 3pm EST
Note that the USA set clocks forward at the weekend, but many other countries did not, so the time difference is different from normal this week.
You need a gmail account to participate. Confirmation details and instructions for accessing the discussion will be sent to participants by email. Questions to

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