Friday, March 31, 2017

Policy Brief on libraries and literacy; Soutenir les efforts nationaux d'alphabétisation: le rôle des bibliothèques; Aportes de las bibliotecas para contribuir a las iniciativas nacionales de alfabetización

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning's Libraries and literacy: Using libraries to support national literacy efforts - UIL Policy Brief 6 (December 2016) has been published in French, Spanish and Arabic. The brief is a 4 page document which "examines the role of libraries in supporting lifelong literacy. The policy brief looks at how libraries nurture early literacy skills up to advanced levels of literacy proficiency, and the need for libraries to be involved in policy dialogue connected to literacy. The publication goes further to highlight the fact that libraries at every level, local and national, should be well-resourced to serve their surrounding communities and users in order to create a successful learning environment."
Thanks to Lisa Krolak for guiding me to the two ways in which you can access the non-English versions
1) There is a catalogue entry that has links to all four documents (English, French, Spanish, Arabic) at
2) There is a news page with information about the document. You can see this page in English, French or German (but not Arabic!), and each version just contains a link to the briefing in that language. The English version is at If you want the Spanish or French versions, look to the top left of the home page, where it says "English Français Español" and click for the appropriate language.
Photo by Sheila webber: fountain, Sheffield Botanic Gardens, March 2017

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