Tuesday, December 01, 2020

New articles: researching conflicts; digital reading; IL in public libraries; university-school outreach; nursing students

The latest issue (Volume 14 No 2) of open access Journal of Information Literacy has been published. The articles are: 

- Be kind: Teaching for information literacy in a pandemic era by Alison Hicks (Editorial)

- Students’ approaches when researching complex geographical conflicts using the internet by Eva Engelen, Alexandra Budke  (the participants were secondary school students in Germany)

- How to teach digital reading? by Fei Victor Lim, Weimin Toh 

- Information literacy outreach between universities and schools by Sharon Wagg, Pam McKinney (a case study using situational analysis of a programme)

- Information literacy instruction in public libraries by Miriam Louise Matteson, Beate Gersch  ("Key findings were that public librarians incorporate a range of IL concepts in their interactions with patrons, across a wide variety of expressed information needs, with most of the instruction directed toward helping patrons plan their information tasks, access information, and judge information. Secondary themes showed that although librarians believed strongly in the value and importance of providing instruction, individual and situational factors presented barriers to effective instruction.")

- Developing information literacy skills in elementary students [10-12 years] using the web-based Inquiry Strategies for the Information Society of the Twenty-First (ISIS-21) Century by Anne C. Wade, Larysa Lysenko,Philip C. Abrami 

- Innovative digital tools in EBP [evidence based practice] and information literacy education for undergraduate nursing students by Bryan Chan, Ruth Wei 

Go to https://ojs.lboro.ac.uk/JIL/issue/view/221  

Photo by Sheila Webber: autumn anemone, November 2020

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