Tuesday, May 04, 2021

#LibrariesAreEssential to Tackling Misinformation

In the leadup to the Scottish elections taking place this Thursday, CILIP Scotland assembled some pages summarising evidence about the relevance of libraries to various issues, for people to bring to the attention to the political parties and their candidates. One such page is #LibrariesAreEssential to Tackling Misinformation, which has links both to reports detailing the problem of misinformation (without special reference to libraries) and to evidence that libraries have worked to tackle misinformation and the problems it causes. Go to https://www.cilips.org.uk/advocacy-campaigns/librariesareessential/librariesareessential-to-tackling-misinformation/. You can also see on this page (scroll down a little) the questions that CILIPS posed to all the Scottish political parties about their position on libraries, and the parties' responses (all the major ones have responded as of today).
Photo by Sheila Webber: A bright future? April 2021

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