Saturday, May 29, 2021

Tutorials: Thinking like a scientist; Gopher Library Adventure

The last two Peer Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) sites of the month (for April and May) were
- Thinking Like a Scientist; creators Dani Brecher Cook, Michael Yonezawa, and Phyllis Ung (University of California, Riverside)" This interactive tutorial was a collaborative effort between the UCR Library and the Biology Department. It reframes traditional library searching skills around the idea of “thinking like a scientist.” There is an interview at and the tutorial is at
- Gopher Library Adventure a Choose your own Adventure e-book; creators Lacie McMillin, Kat Nelsen, Kate Peterson "The Gopher Library Adventure is a Choose Your Own Adventure-style e-book created in Pressbooks for use in the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities College of Liberal Arts First Year Experience courses and Orientation." The tutorial is at 

Additional information about PRIMO is at:
Photo by Sheila Webber: wax flower, May 2021

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