Friday, May 28, 2021

Young people's information behaviour re COVID19 #CovidUnder19 - family and traditional news are used

There are summarised results from a Life Under Coronavirus survey that received over 26,000 responses in 137 countries from people aged 8-17 (the survey was in 27 languages). I couldn't find very detailed results anywhere, but you can download summaries on different aspects of life, as very short individual documents (scroll down to the project #CovidUnder19 Global survey...)and all the summary results in one document at The main points regarding the people's use of information were

"Family members (62%) and traditional news outlets (59%) are the preferred sources of information on the coronavirus. Children showed scepticism to information given by friends or in social media; 83% and 75% (respectively) of children said they didn't use these sources. Using and sharing reliable info on social media and creating child-friendly sources of information were important concerns"
"Across all regions, a large proportion of children reported that they would go to family for reliable information on Coronavirus. Compared to all other regions (Africa = 60%; Asia-Pacific group (AP)= 56%; Eastern European group (EE) = 67%; Latin America and Caribbean group (LAC) = 64%), more children from Western Europe and Others group (WEOG) (73%) selected family. ... Accessing information using the internet varied across each of the UN regions. Notably, a larger proportion (45%) of those from Africa reported that they were ‘Never’ able to access the internet when they want or need to, compared to, for example, 1% of those from EE"
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