Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Masked by trust: bias in library discovery

A book mentioned in a conference session I attended recently was: Reidsma, M. (2019). Masked by trust: bias in library discovery. ISBN 978-1-63400-083-3

You can buy the print copy from Library Juice Press https://litwinbooks.com/books/masked-by-trust/ and there is also a free pdf version from the suthor's website https://matthew.reidsrow.com/ "Library discovery systems struggle with accuracy, relevance, and human biases, and these shortcomings have the potential to shape the academic research and worldviews of the students and faculty who rely on them. While human bias, commercial interests, and problematic metadata have long affected researchers’ access to information, algorithims in library discovery systems increase the scale of the negative effects on users, while libraries continue to promote their “objective” and “neutral” search tools."

Photo by Sheila Webber: hollyhock, July 2021

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