Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Winner of the The Leading Light FestivIL 2021 Award #FestivIL @InfoSchoolSheff

The winner of the Leading Light FestivIL 2021 Award for "Creating innovative information literacy teaching or services" (which award was sponsored by my department, the Information School, University of Sheffield) was Hazel Glasse. The nomination said
"Hazel Glasse has been the driving force behind one of the most impactful IL projects Derby has undertaken in recent years — the ‘hungry robot’ virtual induction activity. It started life as a physical zombie-themed escape-room, introducing students to the library and using/finding online resources. Just in time for the pandemic, Hazel began working to convert the escape room into a virtual tool. This involved a huge amount of design and script work, liaison, testing and planning on Hazel’s part. This virtual induction has been accessed thousands of times, and is now one of the primary induction tools, proving a fantastic way to introduce students to both the resources and library, at a time when they could not be onsite themselves. Hazel frequently diminishes her own achievements but this is definitely something that should be celebrated, as it was all entirely her creation, and the finished product is incredible."
You can find the Hungry Robot here https://libguides.derby.ac.uk/hungryrobot and there is a presentation by Glasse, given at LILAC 2019 Escaping the library induction: a game based learning approach to developing students’ library skills  You can find information about the other award nominees here.

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