Monday, July 05, 2021

Recent articles: IL support of nurses; Health crisis information needs; Intergenerational sharing; Information practices of immigrants, of lawyers, in leisure, of LGBTQIA+ leaders; IL in MOOC learning

Articles from the latest 2 issues of Journal of Documentation (priced journal) include:
In Volume 77 issue 3
- Validation of information-seeking behaviour of nursing students confirms most profiles but also indicates desirable changes for information literacy support by Peter Stokes, Robert Priharjo, Christine Urquhart
- Facilitation of information literacy through a multilingual MOOC considering cultural aspects by Stefan Dreisiebner et al. (Open access)
- Cultural information needs of long-settled immigrants, their descendants and family members: use of collective and personal information sources about the home country by Maja Krtalic
- A systematic integrative review of cognitive biases in consumer health information seeking: emerging perspective of behavioral information research by Tsangyao Chen
- Intergenerational workplace knowledge sharing: challenges and new directions by Jiayang Tang, Jorge Tiago Martins
- Discursive power and resistance in the information world maps of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual community leaders by Vanessa Kitzie, Travis Wagner, A. Nick Vera
- Documenting social justice in library and information science research: a literature review by Joseph Winberry, Bradley Wade Bishop 

In Volume 77 issue 4
- Toward a conceptual framework of health crisis information needs: an analysis of COVID-19 questions in a Chinese social Q&A website by Qing Ke, Jia Tina Du, Lu Ji
- Information activities in serious leisure as a catalyst for self-actualisation and social engagement by Yazdan Mansourian
- A dual lens approach to exploring informal communication's influence on learning in a political party by Susannah Micaela Hanlon
- Exploring the information practices of lawyers by Jenny Bronstein, Yosef Solomon

Photo by Sheila Webber: hydrangea, July 2021

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