Monday, November 08, 2021

Edumedia test

The EduMediaTest has been developed within the European Commission's Media Literacy for All programme. It is "an online questionnaire designed to carry out an initial assessment of the media literacy of pupils aged 14 to 18, as well as to improve their media skills, based on the results obtained, using training materials that are freely available on this website" If you fill in your details you will be given a code so you can access the questionnaire and administer it to learners. You do not get individual feedback for each learner, but aggregated feedback for the whole cohort that you tested, one result for each of 6 dimensions: language; technology; reception [of the media message]; production & diffusion; ideology; aesthetics. The idea is that then you are able to discuss the results with the class and devote more time to developing the aspects that the class did less well in. There are some support/training materials provided for each dimension, which include at least some of the questions (I don't know if it is all of them, since I haven't applied for the questionnaire), and the follow up material you might use to explore the issue further. In fact this could be useful even if you don't use the questionnaire. The material is available in several European langauges; English, Irish Gaelic, Catalan, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Slovenian and Croatian. Go to

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