Saturday, November 20, 2021

Recent articles: peer observation of teaching; issues of streaming

Catching up on issues of the open access College & Research Libraries News: today volume 82 number 8 (September 2021) which includes:
- Teaching Squares: Improving instruction through observation and self-reflection by Maoria J. Kirker, Mary K. Oberlies, Carolina Hernandez, Sara DeWaay ("Ideally, a square is composed of four instructors from multiple disciplines across the university. Throughout a semester, the square members set goals, observe a class session of each member, reflect on their observations, and meet to share their reflections.")
- Streaming access in a fractured world: Designing LibGuides with student users in mind by Sarah Gilchrist, Debbie Li, Erin Toepfner (looks at issues of streaming media online)
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Chinese lanterns, November 2021

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