Sunday, November 21, 2021

Online short courses: Critical Information Literacy; Online Instructional Delivery

Forthcoming Library Juice Academy short online courses include:
- Online Instructional Delivery. December 6 2021 - January 2 2022 Cost US $200. Leader Mimi O'Malley. "This four-week course walks participants through the instructional delivery and facilitation of an online course. The course pays attention to instructor social presence and feedback. This course delves into online instructor strategies for pacing online students on task and remedying student misbehavior in the online classroom." Go to
- Critical Information Literacy. Cost US $300. January 3 - February 13 2022. Leaders: Dawn Stahura, Des Alaniz. "Over the six weeks of this course, we will examine core concepts of critical information literacy and critical pedagogy by discussing descriptive biases and controlled vocabulary, knowledge creation and scholarly communications, critical source evaluation and expertise, and using zines, archives, and cultural objects in instruction to highlight multiplicities of knowledge organization." Go to

Photo by Sheila Webber: remembering summer roses, June 2021

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