Friday, November 05, 2021

New articles: Measuring informed learning; Undergrads and assignments; Services to users with disabilities; Search phrases

The latest issue of open access journal College & Research Libraries (Vol 82, No 7) includes:
- Developing the Informed Learning Scale: Measuring Information Literacy in Higher Education. Michael Flierl, Clarence Maybee, and Emily Bonem.
- Exploring the Development of Undergraduate Students’ Information Literacy through Their Experiences with Research Assignments. Amanda L. Folk.
- Citation and Referencing Support at an Academic Library: Exploring Student and Faculty Perspectives on Authority and Effectiveness. Lydia Dawe, Jackie Stevens, Bob Hoffman, and Morgann Quilty.
- What Information Are We Providing to Users with Disabilities? An Analysis of ARL Libraries’ Accessibility Webpages. Amelia Brunskill, Catherine Lantz, and Kavita Mundle. 
- Reference and Instructional Services to Postsecondary Education Students with Intellectual Disabilities. Mirah J. Dow, Bobbie Sartin, and Brady D. Lund.
- Phrasing in Reproducible Search Methodology: The Consequences of Straight and Curly Quotation Marks. Katie Barrick and Amy Riegelman. "The study found that 42.5 percent of platforms ignored curly quotation marks and interpreted the test term as a phrase, 30 percent of the bibliographic platforms acknowledged curly quotations and completed the phrase search, and one platform flagged curly quotation marks as an unsupported character."
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