Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Early this morning (well, early for me) I attended an "Inquiry Based Learning cafe" event organised by CILASS (Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences). It was held in the CILASS room in Bartholme House (see right, taken on my way there). Sabine Little was talking about blogs and blogging. She had "blogged" her PhD and is a key person in the CILASS blogs, so gave her personal experiences as well as a more general overview about blogging, and blogs in inquiry based learning. One thing she mentioned are two colleagues in the English Department who are asking their students to blog a class, and the lecturers themselves also blog reflectively after classes (all in WebCT I think), thus modelling behaviour for the students.

It was a small group, but diverse, so I was sitting next to people from Music and Dentistry! The CILASS blog is at http://cilass.group.shef.ac.uk/ and it includes an entry about this session. The CILASS student blog is at http://cilass-student-blog.group.shef.ac.uk/

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Sabine Little said...

I thought I'd find a blog entry on the session here - I just thought I'd share an article on academic blogging (which I found a couple of years back researching whether anybody else was 'blogging' their PhD - although technology has moved on a bit since 2004, the fact that many of the blogs cited there are still active tells us something about the longevity of blogging for education, I think?!