Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andrew Whitworth at #CKVI

I will finally complete my reports from CKVI. Andrew Whitworth (University of Manchester) delivered the final morning keynote, "The three domains of value: Why IL practitioners must take a holistic approach", at the Creating Knowledge VI Conference held in Bergen, Norway, 8-10 September, https://ck-vi.uib.no/. Unfortunately I felt a bit unwell on the final day, so my notes were very scrappy. However, the videos of the keynotes have just been released, so you can Andrew's presentation for yourself! It's at http://creatingknowledge.blip.tv/file/4143121/
At the time these were the things I jotted down: he mentioned the work of Rose Luckin on the ecology of resources, and on the curriculum as filter. Andrew saw information filtering being done (for us) also by laws, skills we don't have, organisational procedures etc. In each case someone is making a decision or some system has been given control. He put forward his ideas on the three appproaches to value (subjective, objective, intersubjective, which seems to come from the thinking of Donald Davidson) and why we needed to teach all three approaches. He talked about his own media & information literacy module, in which the assignment is a portfolio, with evidence, to teach information literacy to a specific group. He gave some examples, e.g. a portfolio helping Brazilian footballers coaching young boys.
A couple of websites mentioned by Whitworth: http://www.badscience.net/ and http://counterknowledge.com/
The photo shows the posters created by some of the break out groups at the start of the conference.

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