Friday, September 24, 2010

Czech IL group: IVIG

Yesterday I attended the annual seminar of IVIG (Odborná komise pro informační vzdělávání a informační gramotnost na vysokých školách: Information Education and Information Literacy working Group): It is a group of ALCU (The Association of Libraries of Czech Universities). In this post I will mention something about IVIG itself. The Czech for information literacy is Informační gramotnost. They carry out a survey about information literacy in Czech universities every two years and have other strategic actvities.
The main website is here mostly it is in Czech, but if you look at the list of past seminars you will see that one or two of the powerpoints from previous years are in English (you only find those in the full Czech version of the website). They have held an annual seminar for nine years, and in recent years they have had a theme for each seminar (this year it was "new technologies".
Also on the Czech website I will pick out the list of links to definitions, standards and projects worldwide: Obviously if you can speak Czech there is lots more there, such as the list of publications, and full text reports and minutes and presentations.
The home for the reduced size English version is here: Particularly interesting is the English-language document Information education strategy at Universities of the Czech Republic (published 2008) which reviews the situation and makes recommendations.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Prague, May 2010.

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