Monday, September 06, 2010

IL research seminar papers online

Some of the short position papers presented at the Information Literacy Research Seminar 2010 at the CoLIS conference in London have put their papers online (I'm afraid I haven't put my position paper online yet).
- Francke, Helena, Credibility, Materiality, and Mediated Interaction
- Huvila, Isto, What about Creating and Organizing?
- Limberg, Louise, Information Literacies at the Intersection between Information Seeking and Learning: Contexts and Values
- Mackey, Thomas P. & Jacobson, Trudi E., Re-Conceptualizing Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy for Social Media
- Moring, Camilla, Learning Trajectories: Becoming Information Literate across Practices
Sormunen, Eero, Lehtiö, Leeni & Hongisto, Heidi, Collective Authoring of Wikipedia Articles as a Learning Task in Embedded Information Literacy Instruction
- Talja, Sanna, From Teaching Information Literacy to Teaching Information Management?: An Information Practice Model for Teaching and Learning Information Competences
They can all be found as links from the International information literacies research network site at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Trainers hanging on a telegraph wire, Bergen, Norway, Sept 2010. I posted a picture of trainers on a wire in Sheffield a little while ago. Is this an international trend?

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Apparently it IS an international trend - see e.g.