Wednesday, September 15, 2010

User Behaviour in Resource Discovery

Apologies for not blogging for a few days: I felt a bit ill on the last day of the CKVI conference, and then had a hectic time presenting sessions at Lund University on Monday and Tuesday: I'm back in Sheffield now. I have a half finished post about Andrew Whitworth's keynote from CKVI and then will wrap up with a final post.
In the meantime, I noticed a mention of a presentation at the ALT-C conference: Electronic resource discovery systems: do they help or hinder in searching for academic material? by Hanna Stelmaszewska et al.
(PowerPoint at and the paper is in the proceedings which is in one large pdf at )

The presentation was picked up in this article, which simplifies the message somewhat:
Spencer, D. (2010) "UK: Students shun expensive library services." University world news. September 12.
They do, though, mention one of the final recommendations of the presentation: "Embed information literacy at subject (module) level."

The research is reported in full in the JISC report published at the end of June:
Wong, W. et al (2010) User Behaviour Observational Study: User Behaviour in Resource Discovery Final Report. JISC.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Autumn roses in Lund, Sweden, September 2010

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Sheila Webber said...

I meant to mention that I heard about the Spencer article in a post by Red Wassenich on the ili-l discussion list