Sunday, March 07, 2021

Fakehunter: German-language anti-fake news programme

A German language game/lesson plan, Die FakeHunter, has been developed to turn students into fake-news hunters. Developed by libraries in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, the full material is available to people who have gone through their training programme, but there is an abbreviated version that can be downloaded. The full workshop sequence involves a phase of the schoolchildren being introduced the the scenario and given training as fake-news hunters, then practising on their own devices and trying out their skills on stories in a special news-portal that includes fake news, and then a debriefing and the participants get a fake newshunter certificate. Website here, downloads here 

On the same theme, a blog post in German talking about the problem of fake news and how to spot it: Dallinga, A-C., Moll-Seiler , F. & Steyer, T. (2021, 9 February). Der Wolf im Schafspelz: Fake News im digitalen Kosmos. [Wolf in sheep's clothing: fake news in the digital universe] 

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