Monday, March 08, 2021

International Symposium on Information Science #isi2021

The 16th International Symposium on Information Science (ISI 2021) is being held 8-10 March 2021, online, with presentations in either German or English. Registration is still open, but I think when registering late you will only get included from the next day. In terms of live participation I would highlight the session on 10th March, on Information Literacy and Information Behaviour with the talks:
- Omission of information: Identifying political slant via an analysis of co-occurring entities (Jonas Ehrhardt, Timo Spinde, Ali Vardasbi, Felix Hamborg)
- Does the General Public Share Research on Twitter? A Case Study on the Online Conversation about the Search for a Nuclear Repository in Germany (Steffen Lemke, Paula Bräuer, Isabella Peters)
- Open practices of early career researchers: A qualitative study on research and teaching behavior (Tamara Heck, Ina Blümel)
- Information Behavior towards False Information and “Fake News” on Facebook: The Influence of Gender, User Type and Trust in Social Media (Thomas Schmidt, Elisabeth Salomon, David Elsweiler, Christian Wolff)
The website is at with registration for the main conference and side events at
The full text proceedings (including some more papers on information literacy and information behaviour) are already available at There is also a 3D coffee cup, which you could print if you had a 3D printer
Photo by Sheila Webber: Blackheath mist, February 2021

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