Friday, March 05, 2021

Recent articles: Asynchronous assignments; Source assessment; Learning outcomes; Connecting online

Articles from some recent issues of the open access College & Research Libraries News

- Aldred, B. (2020). Asynchronizing with the Framework: Reflections on the process of creating an asynchronous library assignment for a first-year writing class. College & Research Libraries News, 81(11), 530. doi:
- Hammons, J. (2021). No need to go big: Teaching Framework concepts with small teaching. College & Research Libraries News, 82(1), 20. doi:
- Liu, G. (2021). Moving up the ladder of source assessment: Expanding the CRAAP test with critical thinking and metacognition. College & Research Libraries News, 82(2), 75. doi:
- McCartin, L., Markowski, B., & Evers, S. (2021). Developing an assessment plan for information literacy learning outcomes: Process and planning. College & Research Libraries News, 82(1), 32. doi:
- Strasz, M. (2021). Best practices for embedded librarian service: Connecting with students online. College & Research Libraries News, 82(2), 85. doi:

Photo by Sheila Webber: little daffodils, February 2021

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